SUZY TORONTO She Who is Called to Teach Porcelain Coffee Mug by Midwest

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She Who is Called to Teach Mug by Suzy Toronto

Teacher themed mug holds 16oz of your favorite drink hot or cold.

Bright and colorful

4 inches high

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe Porcelain Mug

New by Midwest 

Sentiment is :

She Who is Called to Teach

The epiphany of her life came in a breathtaking

   Flash of enlightenment.

The challenge that would be her life's work

   Became perfectly clear.

She would teach, nurture & discipline

The young minds of future generations.

She lives for the moments when,

With wondering awe,

Her students look into her eyes

And understanding envelops them.

Concepts, once strange and distant,

Now register at the deepest level.

 In that moment,

Their perceptions change forever.

They realize that the world is

So much bigger than they are.

And they thirst for more! 

© Suzy Toronto

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